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  1. Thank you @Ladybug, for the compliment! I asked for a name for it (on Yoors) and someone suggested: "Wings of imagination". So I called it that.
  2. I made a basic tutorial for this. And pointed out at your tutorial. It can be read on a platform called "Yoors". https://yoo.rs/handleiding-popout-effect-in-paint-dot-net-1617779618.html (There's a video with ENG subs.)
  3. I created this one with eastereggs (made with Boltbait's plugin). With an extra layer with the eggs in different gradient than the first gradient. Happy Easter everyone!
  4. Today I tried Variant 2, added Radial Prism. This is the result:
  5. This is great! I tried Variant 1 with hearts (in different sizes). This is my result! I call it "Spread the Love"
  6. Thank you very much! (I use the whole package, but I wanted to point out to this page, where people can download the .dll, so I tried it first).
  7. The .dll for Gradient Blur is not available anymore at the given link. Is it somewhere else?
  8. Plugin Shape 3D seems not available anymore.
  9. Where can I get a plugin with Random Shape fill?

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