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  1. Thanks Pixey. Love the sig - worthy of a worthy Queen. You show the real porpoise of Paint.NET in the right hands. (OK I'll leave quietly) It is what it is with my injuries. Worse things happening to other people out there. Positives. A shoe will last years, I can get a really cool cyborg tattoo on the stump when it's healed, the other driver may not have lost his licence because of the hardship it would cause him; but my solicitor will definitely take his shirt - plus I can finally get back into Paint.NET as I recuperate. No point crying over incinerated limbs Another positive - the painkillers. Woah the quack wasn't joking when he said people rob their grandmothers for the same feeling
  2. My daughter got me listening to Melanie Martinez. Now she's fed up of her after I've over played the CryBaby album I love weird
  3. Congratulations to everyone, unfortunately I've been away from all things internet wise but if I had voted I'd have got a 100% success rate. Sports Guru - I love the irony as I'm recovering from a leg amputation due to complications from the before mentioned RTC and my arm isn't much cop either Brilliant. Totally made my day. Not sure I've mentioned anything sports related here but thanks to those who think I'm a good sport
  4. The great gig in the sky has really grown this year RIP Rick Parfitt and George Michael
  5. oooooh. A new toy. Looks great. I'll have a play when I have more time
  6. Clever. In fact very clever. The push-stick is a great addition for me. As mentioned the way the letters move makes it all the more impressive on the eyes
  7. Apologies to Drew and everyone else for not responding/ seeing his message and if I held up the competition. Complications after surgery left me hospitalised until this week. Interesting choice of theme. Sadly I don't have any pets and I'm sure my wife will take offence if I plaster her over the internet
  8. Was driving along today when I had a little bump and nudged the car in front. The driver got out and I was surprised to see that he was a dwarf. He pulled himself up to his full 3 feet height and shouted "I am not happy! " So I replied "Which one are you then?"
  9. Just the brass will do. I've got a steampunk image I'm working on but can't get it looking like I'd like.
  10. I need glasses. I could have sworn that said PDN ECG. Still made my hear miss a beat. Stunning
  11. I'll raise you some Clan of Xymox. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed Gothic Rock too. The Damned, Andi Sexgang, The Cocteau Twins, The Bauhaus not forgetting the the late great Ian Curtis and Joy Division. Damn nitenurse I've got to go back hunting in the loft
  12. A rock night tonight - I found some old LP's ( AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and MotorHead) and converting them to digital. Vinyl will always sound better IMO
  13. Not having being around here much lately then popping in here - Phenomenal. Bravo
  14. A tutorial for all aspects of that. From the brass to the wood grain ?
  15. If Robert Smith associates with someone you know they're good My guilty pleasure
  16. I'm still not convinced people are bad drivers per se - just that they don't think the laws of the road apply to them and screw everybody else. And then the courts don't punish them adequately. The person who drove me off the road whilst on his phone didn't lose his licence because of the 'hardship' it would bring him and his family, yet my injuries are classed as life changing bring far more far reaching consequences. Money doesn't always take away the bitter taste I thought the bang on the head was worse than I thought when I came back here and all the changes
  17. Congratulations Ishi and Maximillian. Everyone else too - top drawer again. Thanks Drew
  18. My wife watches Grey's Anatomy for the drama. I watch it for the soundtrack and to listen/find to stuff
  19. Or Cameron left it behind like he did his kid that time
  20. Tenpole Tudor. A blast from the past. (But who killed bambi ?)
  21. And I thought we were all level headed and sensible I don't think the rest of the world has to worry about Brexit - it'll be more interesting if those in the USA vote in Donald. Then it will be worrying. Boris and Donald in power. Scary
  22. It would be interesting what he does with the newer versions and all the great new plug-ins since 2014. Either way just good to hear someone else talented hasn't been 'taken' prematurely
  23. Good news about welshblue, I too have learnt a lot from his tutorials (and Yellowman) and must admit what I have read by going through the forums - a great sense of humour. Bad news about yourself though Helen. I wish you well and hope things turn around for you (I know what it's like when a vehicle come to a sudden stop) and if you speak to welshblue soon tell him thanks from a new user
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