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  1. Ah, I was forgot to mention about eraser: 20 9.pdn This also occurs at eraser too, and it creates transparent(0 alpha lv) #000000 pixels like semi-transparent pixels when the eraser met transparent #FFFFFF pixels.
  2. If you meant the color I used with the brush tool, it was #1F87DD with 255 Alpha level. And the Alpha level of semi-transparent pixels made by 9px or 20px brush can be varied just like anti-aliased brushes usually do, plus the color value itself is same with the original. Also, no matter which color I picked. Still same with no blending mode :c
  3. Hi there, I'm new here and glad to meet you guys! c: I have joined this forum for this (possible) glitch and I personally get provoked by it since I love to draw pixelated arts with Paint.NET! About the glitch itself, it strangely produces semi-transparent colors for "pixelated brush tool" with 9px or 20px brush width exactly. Despite of I NEVER turned on any anti-aliasing options. I have tested with other brush width (i.e. 1px...2px...3px..up to 31px I think!) and looks like there's no problem with this but said two width options. Please see screenshots for more i
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