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Found 2 results

  1. I often use Paint .NET to make or modify sprite sheets, and one of the things I've always wanted to do was see the animation in action without having to leave Paint .NET. This plugin will allow you to do just that. It lets you view any sequence of animations within a sprite sheet by adjusting the offset, # of columns, and the total # of frames. You can also save all the frames off to individual .png files. Saving an animation as an animated GIF is also supported. New version available (10/19/2021) Download it here. (The plugin is free but donations are appreciated to support further development if you find it useful) v1.0.1.0 Notes ========== - Updated to work with Paint .Net 4.3.2+ v1.0.0.96 Notes ========== - Add padding zeroes as needed when exporting individual frames v0.95 Notes ========== - Recompiled to use .NET 4.71 framework to be compatible with the latest Paint .NET release. I'm hoping this will help with any High DPI scaling issues. v0.94 Notes =========== - Animation frame is now drawn centered - Minor UI Changes - Changed the icon
  2. Hi! Welcome to StickMan. A plugin which helps position & animate a stick figures like the ones above. The interface uses a simple click-n-drag system. You click and drag the stick figure's 'joints' around to move the figure. The segments' lengths remain fixed as a joint is moved so the entire figure can be moved by dragging a single joint (if you drag it far enough). Note: Stick figures are rendered to the active paint.net layer in the currently selected Primary color. Loading and Saving of your figures and poses is supported. Files are saved as *.stk files. These are not image files. They are XML data files which store the figure and pose. You can create your own stick figures! There is a guide in the PDF manual (Help > User Manual - once you access the manual a copy will be placed in your Effects folder). Edit: I've added the manual as a separate download as some systems have tight security settings which don't allow the automatic creation of the PDF from within the plugin. Stick figures can be anything you wish (within certain limits). How about a spider? Or a snake? StickMan Info Summary A plugin which helps position & animate a stick figures Author Ego Eram Reputo Installation Download my Plugin Pack and unzip it. Run the *.exe installer (written by BoltBait). Restart paint.net. Menu Look for the StickMan plugin in the Effects > Render menu. Compatibility StickMan works only with paint.net 4+ - or so I thought! @dipstick has confirmed that it (unexpectedly) works with 3.5.11. Manual StickMan comes with built-in guides and a manual in PDF format. See Help > User Manual. Once you access the built-in manual a copy will be placed in your Effects folder for future reference. EDIT: I've uploaded the manual as a stand-alone PDF. Get it here StickManManual.pdf Russian Translation @ReMake has translated StickMan (including the Manual) into Russian: Stickman_ru.zip Thanks ReMake! StickMan was made with the assistance of TechnoRobbo, Red Ochre and BoltBait Thanks guys!
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