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  2. Wish I'd done that when i first started a long term series of icon creations for a games console (emulators, apps etc). I always try to use an authentic font or fonts ie. one that was used by the original games, console or even original packaging so practically every one uses or trialed at least two different fonts. Before using that obvious and ^^ easy solution I kept copies of all fonts used in image resource packs for each icon and sometimes other fonts that I'd considered using instead but didn't too. It does not take up that much space but it is a much less sensible method. BTW I suggest that in any layer naming used it also includes the font's point size, specific name as listed by PDN and any customisation ie. italicization, emboldening and colour hex code etc. The latter can be useful if, like me, you often experiment with text colour choice and therefore the 'base' text layer colour may not be the final one used. Obviously you can save alternative coloured text trials in another layer but if they are all subtle variations precise identification can still be helpful. Same goes for the transparency setting too.
  3. I tried the /createmsi trick a few days ago, but it would always tell me this:
  4. Rick just needs to add multi-level Repeat to the Effects menu. Rather than just repeating the last effect, have 3-5 listed there that you can pick from. Handy addon!
  5. Since you always put text on it's own layer (... you do this, right?!) just put the font name in the layer's name.
  6. How should I remember which font I have used in a previously saved image? Any tips? /hans peter
  7. According to the image I posted, I clearly did.
  8. You've said that the removal tool didn't work. That used to be our go-to solution for the 1603 error during installation. Prior to the removal tool, @toe_head2001 wrote an install logger to help diagnose this problem (no longer available). Prior to that, a few users got the /createmsi trick to work
  9. Dearest Pixey, we're all thinking of you right now. Kia Kaha my friend. ­čĺĽ
  10. Get well dear friend. @Pixeyif anyone can beat this, you can. Our thoughts are with you at this very trying time.
  11. Already have .NET v4.8. All of my Windows Updates are applied. And I have tried like ten times using that link. As of now, only paint.NET v3.5.11 works for me (and I'm using it currently for stuff). It really doesn't make sense to me though, this is such a strange bug.
  12. Make sure ALL of your Windows Updates are applied. Then, install the .NET v4.8 via this link: Once that's installed, make sure all of your Windows Updates are applied. Then, try to install the latest Paint.NET again from this link: (Upper right corner of screen)
  13. Windows 10. I was using paint.NET 4.0.5 (I believe, I don't remember exactly what version it was, but I know for a fact it was above 4.0.0) and it worked fine until the update. I believe that 3.5.11 is a windows 7 version, but it works with the psd plugin and the alpha mask plugin so it would be exactly the same as the 4.0.0 versions and above except it looks slightly different..
  14. Anyone? I see someone attempted to respond but I don't see the message now. Another side note. Paint.NET was working perfectly fine on my system until I (attempted) to install that update that ended up not only breaking my current version but made me unable to reinstall it. Would installing an older version work? Edit: Installing Paint.NET v3.5.9 worked flawlessly. Maybe this new version is incompatible with my PC somehow. No versions above 3.5.11 work for some reason.
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  16. Did this one awhile back, but it fits more or less...
  17. @Ego Eram Reputo One of links I provided addresses this issue directly: " It's ab´╗┐out altering the "root" file association for ONLY the image editor, leaving the default app for VIEWING to whatever you ´╗┐have in place´╗┐ now."
  18. HyRez did you even read the post? @Don V thanks for posting this. While we are generally cautious about recommending registry edits, your solution gives power users another tool they can use.
  19. This one gives a very pretty result, also @Reptillian. Used the same image and applied your non-convolution edge filter. I chose 'grain extract' for my blending mode. Very nice!
  20. The Poll is now open for ÔÇśPertaining to a Lumberjack'. It will be closed on Saturday, April 27th, 2019 - 2 pm EDT and 6 pm UK time. World Clock. Thank you, everyone, for your beautiful entries. May the best win!
  21. I am familiar with the condition of people experiencing these symptoms - my wife is disabled for more than 26 years. @Pixey, help of family, attention and support of friends will help you recover. @Woodsy, thank you that bring this topic.
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