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  1. I just use VirtualBox because it’s free.
  2. At the moment, for me it is totally fine that there's not a macOS version. I can see it would be very difficult to make Paint.NET for macOS because you would have to rewrite lots of stuff, and that's understandable. Well hopefully something with one comes along and finds this post! (I don't own a mac too, I just use hackintosh)
  3. Well yeah, you can say that. But the only reason why I made this was because of seeing this post, and I just wanted to make this post just for mac users who didn't really know any other way to run Paint.NET on macOS. Yes they are, but you don't have to use those VMs from their website, you can use other copies of Windows for this as well. (edit: I made two parts to this now)
  4. Hello everyone! Today, I would like to show you how to install Paint.NET on macOS using Virtualbox (VM Software). There is no way Paint.NET can work on macOS even with Wine installed, so follow the steps in this tutorial. VM are short for Virtual Machine which are an emulation of an Operating System (OS) being ran on your hardware without the need of extra hard drives to install the OS on, but kept on one drive.. This tutorial is very quick and can be easily done. 1. First thing to do is to download Virtualbox and select "OS X hosts". 2. Open the .dmg fi
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