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  1. I just invested my life savings in a new machine. I'm almost excited.

    I've been running a 32 bit system with an i5 and 4 gigs of ram and its just not been good enough for running Pdn. I now have a 64 bit system with an i7  and 16 gig of ram. Having just checked it out I can see it's gonna run way faster and smoother with less conflicts and crashes. It should also run some plugins that I haven't been able to use. Ooh! I think I am excited.

    Good onya Pdn.

    1. LionsDragon


      Rick, that sounds fantastic! Congratulations on the new machine!


    2. Rickhum


      Tuvm LD :-) Nothing like an upgrade. Happy as.


  2. Years ago I was on a walk in unfamiliar scrubland for a couple of days when the weather turned nasty and I got a bit bushed. That is to say that I lost my bearings and didn’t have myself exactly orientated which was a somewhat dire situation to be in, in that neck of the woods. It was rough going through the scrub with my backpack and clobber, compass in one hand and map (in a plastic bag to keep it dry) in the other. Anyways to cut a short story long, I saw a wallaby leap out from behind a shrub and head off in a southerly direction. I intuitively followed said wallaby and in no time I had myself reorientated, averted disaster and rediscovered the trail by the trampled underbrush. I wasn’t getting lost today. Later on that evening after I’d set up camp and dried myself off a bit I stood outside my tent and checked out the by now clear moonlit night. A wallaby was standing a few yards from the tent checking me out as he browsed on herbage. He looked like the same wallaby I’d seen earlier but I couldn’t be too sure as all them wallaby’s look the same to me. I thanked him anyways.
  3. Beautiful work as per usual Pixey :-) I like your use of Dents.
  4. Beautiful Lynxster, what a treat :-)
  5. Tuvm Seerose, Lynxster and Woodsy. The faces are done on a photocopier Woodsy with the faces pressed against the screen :-)
  6. Tuvm LionsDragon. The music is avant garde electronica so eerie is apt :-)
  7. This a background I did for a flyer that will have txt printed on it. It's for an opera being performed by a community performance group and someone else does the txt. I was asked to provide a starscape with the photocopied faces coming out of clouds. The original is A3 @ 300 dpi which is big by my standards. That's like 26 MB compared to about 2 for the jpeg copy I've posted @ 250 dpi. I had to borrow my daughter's computer cause mine doesn't have enough memory and would have been problematic.
  8. I can see how this could be useful, havent tried it but it looks good. Will def' give it a go sometime, tuvm Noop.
  9. Hang in there Lynxster, "She'll be right on the night"
  10. Lovely mandalas Seerose, I like the first one best. Very stylish and elegant.
  11. Luv the November pieces Seerose. Warm and friendly colour schemes. I'm out of rep..again so I didn't give you any. I think I've been short changed or some one is pinching my reps :-) Good Onya Seerose.
  12. Thanks so much Pixey, will get onto it soon. Yeah I've tried Photoscape Woodsy, not for animation tho. The reason I use jpg @ present is to keep the size down. I save my masters in png and Pdn but the finished animation files are saved as jpg. I have so many graphics files on my machine and an external hard drive that I need to be mindful of size. I may have to check Photo Scape out again as Movie maker only goes to 0.3 ps. tuvm ppl :-)
  13. Thank's folks :-) Not so much patience Red' as pig headedness. Thank's Pixey, I look forward to catching up on your latest work. There was actually a lot more than 180 frames involved Seerose. Animation is a great way to learn keyboard commands as mouse work isn't practical. Thanks Lynxster this is just step one. I'm hoping to do more now that I've worked out the technicalities. Cheers Woodsy, I use "Windows movie maker" which is a bit limited but o.k. for now. I'd like a faster frame rate than it allows but dunno if other programs have that. I need to put all my Gallery thumbs on one page but havent worked out how to as yet, any clues?
  14. That's way cool Shochi. I can see potential for star layers in the spirograph plugin. Very meditative piece. Good onya Shochi :-)
  15. Cheers Shoshi; I haven't checked the Pdn animation plugin as yet. Mainly cause it doesn't handle jpg' though I plan to get onto it soon. I've used three layers for my stars with a different increment on each layer. It took a bit of experimenting to get it right. The main thing for me is to learn. Animation is great for learning particular techniques inc' blend modes.