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Mman's Gallery *Updated 4/1*


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Welcome to my Gallery!

All thumbnails, click to view original size.

NEW wallpapers




th_halorenderms-1.png th_godfather.png th_callofdutysig.png th_blueabstract.png


-The first one is for my website

-The acid rain banner was for a school project

th_mattdesigns.jpg th_acidbanner.gif


th_splintershalo.jpg th_shapesback.jpg th_interesting2.jpg th_homerpodnewflatnewsize.jpg th_homerbacksharpenedflatnotes.jpg

th_greenback.jpg th_electric.jpg th_cityflat2.jpg

Photo Manipulations

th_photoeditbeforeafter.png th_treemanip.png


-The iPod is not finished... Started it a long time ago, never got back to it.

-The second one is supposed to be an album cover for the song "Imagine" It's for a school project.

-Box of Rocks will eventually be made into a 3D box, using the software box tutorial.

th_ipodtest.gif th_imagine.png th_boxofrocks.jpg th_masterchiefblack2.jpg th_halorender.png

GAMEZINE: A magazine for my Language Arts class.

th_gamezinebackad.png -This is an advertisement for the back of my magazine



DeviantArt I Visit my gallery

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Go go for Imagine! Have some great memories with that song...it's beautiful...

All of your creations are well put together, well balanced, nice use of colors. Love the D'oh!Pod...ahhh...the Simpsons...Keep up the good work!

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i like your Simpson's iPod commercial picture. and a bit of advise on that iPod that isn't finished you need to put in the scrollbar on the side. I still like it though.



Check out my gallery: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=24152

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