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Mman's Gallery *Updated 4/1*


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Welcome to my Gallery!

All thumbnails, click to view original size.

NEW wallpapers




th_halorenderms-1.png th_godfather.png th_callofdutysig.png th_blueabstract.png


-The first one is for my website

-The acid rain banner was for a school project

th_mattdesigns.jpg th_acidbanner.gif


th_splintershalo.jpg th_shapesback.jpg th_interesting2.jpg th_homerpodnewflatnewsize.jpg th_homerbacksharpenedflatnotes.jpg

th_greenback.jpg th_electric.jpg th_cityflat2.jpg

Photo Manipulations

th_photoeditbeforeafter.png th_treemanip.png


-The iPod is not finished... Started it a long time ago, never got back to it.

-The second one is supposed to be an album cover for the song "Imagine" It's for a school project.

-Box of Rocks will eventually be made into a 3D box, using the software box tutorial.

th_ipodtest.gif th_imagine.png th_boxofrocks.jpg th_masterchiefblack2.jpg th_halorender.png

GAMEZINE: A magazine for my Language Arts class.

th_gamezinebackad.png -This is an advertisement for the back of my magazine



DeviantArt I Visit my gallery

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