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How do I find the center of the canvas?

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At the bottom right of PDN, are two figures, one is the width, the other the height, or vice versa.

When you move the curser around PDN, another set of figures shows up to the right of the first set, letting you know exactly the co-ordinates of the curser.

Default size is 800x600, watch the co-ords untill you are exactly 400x300.

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^^you could do that OR, to make life easier, there's a plug-in called "align object" (which can center, left, right, up or down align an object). search for that in the plug-ins section, it should be what you're looking for. :)

Edit: i got nothing else better to do so i searched it out for you: click me! :)

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Quick thoughts

Make a new layer

draw two diagonal lines from each corner to the opposite

ie make a big X

There's your centre :mrgreen:

(works in hundreds of apps and on real paper; I use it with kiddiepoos when teaching.)

You can switch layers and use the X layer as a guide, then delete the beggar when you have ahad enough of it.


Edit by Rick: Sorry, no flashy animations in avatars or signatures.

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