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  2. Paint.Net Boxshot Version 1.00 Version 1.50 Special Thanks To: HITMAN-X- Google Images (Logos) Paint.Net DVD Layout File Imageshack (Hosting)
  3. Hmmm I need to make a whirlpool effect on a 500x150 sig but how any ideas?? P.S. I have lots of plugins so it doesn't matter bout not usin plugins. Thanks
  4. === Logging started: 9/3/2008 18:29:20 === Error 1935. An error occurred during the installation of assembly 'policy.9.0.Microsoft.VC90.OpenMP, version="9.0.30729.1", publicKeyToken="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b", processorArchitecture="x86", type="win32-policy"'. Please refer to Help and Support for more information. HRESULT: 0x80073712. assembly interface: IAssemblyCacheItem, function: Commit, component: {43B948DD-CE0A-36C3-99A2-321F7B70F91C} === Logging stopped: 9/3/2008 18:34:24 ===
  5. That service was disabled for me, so i enabled it, but still did not finish installing Also, i forgot to mention in my initial post that after i press "ok" on the error box, PDN says: I don't know if this helps at all.
  6. every time i try to install i get this error box i tried repairing the .Net framework, but that did not work.
  7. That is simply not true, I can tell you for one, it is incredibly hard to map out the brain and its complexities, yet i cannot do it. I am not a high level programmer, I program in assembly. I don't deal with these kinds of things. I have no interest in programming something like this. I was just offering ideas on how to implement it. NOT the actual idea of saving history. (regards to BoltBait) To sum it up, yes you can say how hard things in theory should be.
  8. i'm giving concepts not... code. like i said before, you don't need to do it to be able to contribute ideas.
  9. ahh... this is why a hook is beautiful. You can go into the function and essentially steal the data that they are using and then plug them back in. example would be a call to CreateWindowA the function never returns the parameters, but by going to the call you can check out window position so you can copy down a gui you love and recode it for your own purpose.
  10. I was talking about interpreted language calling methods. Obviously, you don't know what it is, as i was talking about hooking methods. a program could create a table of functions and then the recording thing would parse the table and set a hook most commonly a jmp hook. (an example would be an IAT, the program creates a list of functions it uses, and you can then set up an IAT hook.) Anyways the closest thing is an Action in photoshop, and if you code a thing correctly then it should have parameters (much like winapi, ill follow up with a made up procedure)... highly demand? no this is quite possible. like a brush you could have movement set data x1>x2 y1>y2 (widely used in games for mob movement control and if it was high resource i dont think a packet would be able to keep up with the game if it was that big of data, you could also have a few more dwords with that data, including brush size, brush color, brush opacity and other features of the brush) Blur is our procedure it has a few paremeters int Power of Blur X - initial x (selection) Y - initial y X2 - offsetted x Y2 - offsetted y by hooking it you can see what the user did, including the selection area and the amount of blur used. however there are more complexities in a blur but this is just an example. my realm of programming is not graphics based, but similar concepts are always there. A critique does not need to be able to do whatever he is critiquing, to be able to give advice. besides open source has no basis, and it doesn't redefine what open source is. it doesnt even need to be free. not like i have coded something like this but, those points don't make sense Hidden Content: anyways some more depth if your interested.usually when you call a function you push parameters, though ive heard that some compilers (MingW?) mov them instead push y2 push x2 push y push x push pblur call BLUR now at blur assuming we are using stdcall calling convention it will look like this BLUR: calulations and etc ret 0x5*4 so if you were to hook it you would know that there is 5 parameters from the ret you can plug those back in. hook could be like hook: pop memvar1 pop memvar2 pop memvar3 pop memvar4 pop memvar5 pop memvar6 (push back all 6, 6 because calling has EIP which is used in ret) jmp back
  11. Nothing beats the effect of real world photography. Photomanip a crack texture in.
  12. It shouldn't be too hard. The way I see it a plugins' functions should have parameters that you can recall on. Ex: Selection coordinates. (4 parameters), everything from the call could be saved, by just hooking all function headers and then look for the RET so you know how many parameters you have. However I'm not familiar with C#.NET calling structure (I've heard they have to use wrappers to call winAPI, instead of the API itself) , as I highly disbelieve in an interpreted language's possibility/power, so I could have misinformed knowledge about the disassembled structure.