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  1. At the bottom right of PDN, are two figures, one is the width, the other the height, or vice versa. When you move the curser around PDN, another set of figures shows up to the right of the first set, letting you know exactly the co-ordinates of the curser. Default size is 800x600, watch the co-ords untill you are exactly 400x300.
  2. If you make a free account with google docs, you can make documents including pictures and export and save them as pdf files.
  3. Rofl. Not long ago, I forgot the decimal point, and PDN kept refusing to resize my image, kept complaining I hadn't enough memory. I was apparently trying to make an image a couple of metres wide.
  4. Use the paintbrush on a seperate layer, then change the transparency in the layer property box.
  5. Thanks, I have just done that, and the problem has been fixed. I don't remember downloading these effects seperately, and presumed they came in with the updates, thats why I reported the problem here. It's fixed now, so thanks everyone.
  6. I am using v3.20. This happened with the last version too. I can't use all the options on the color filter.
  7. Don't change anything in your profile yet, this is happening with avatars and signatures too.
  8. I can see this being very useful in The Sims 2 game. For people who make custom content.
  9. Yeah, I give permission for my measley effort. http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=2186 I want my name in a book.
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