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  1. Bummer, the link is reported as "not existing" actually all the links here are, thats the trouble with a forum shift I guess
  2. Hi I thought I'd just ask what primary usage of Paint.Net do you use it for? (Keep it brief please and on target) Me: Work I use it at work to edit screen-shots, removing patient identifiable data, mostly for teaching etc. I work for the British Health Service (NHS) and they are too cheap to buy a proper graphics program but stipulate it anyhow and MS paint is just awful for the task. I use Wink to make guided tutorials with the results. (Wink Forum Moderator) Home Produce and label detailed maps often overlaid on a Google map for family and friends (lots of travelling) and screenshots of PC tricks for Noobs. I am noobie friendly
  3. Chill out a little chaps!

  4. Good points and bloody well done that man Love the new feel
  5. I seem to remember a golden rule here "Be nice to the Newbies" It's just an explorative question. Hopefully this new forum will be friendlier than the last one
  6. Hi i've been around this forum a few years. Just read some posts where people have posted perfectly legitimate working tricks, tutorials etc. and noticed just how bloody rude most of the old hands are to noobs. So what if you posted a long winded tutorial some 2 years ago and the new member can't find it; the last three I read used newer plug-ins and were simpler and well illustrated. very suitable for noobs using the non-standard interface of Paint.Net I'm trying to get junior & senior health staff to use the program and have to apologise in advance for the very hostile forums. Co-operation should be the rule and I believe (Ok I know there is) a thread called something like BE NICE TO THE NEWBIES or DON'T BITE the NEWBIES. (Don't bother correcting me, I really am not anal enough to search for it, unlike the rude superior posters so predominant here.) So the rule is - BE NICE You were a noob once and a spotty goofy toothed one too, at that. Yes, I am a Qualified teacher/trainer/ instructor and Scientist; so don't get nasty with me desk jockey's. Thank you and take this in the Spirit of Christmas 2009 be nice to your fellow man. OK let the whinnying begin.....................
  7. Save as a webpage? Excellent of course all the other answers seem to ignore the fact that the word doc might have come from a less enlightened person or persons. They paste it into Word, send it and you can't the thing out again. I've had to use a screen grabber before now and crop. I just sell them the idea of Paint.NET, my user base is growing.
  8. I've found the same thing too - in fact its locked my meagre work machine for 10 minutes a few times, so badly i've had to re-start the machine, and I'm only pasting hi-res screen shots. I've had to get around it by using a screen grabber as a go- between. Sometimes I get an error from Paint.Net that the image in the clipboard is not a usable image! A good freebie (that does not need installing!!! (USB drives / work machines etc no problem) is MW Snap3 refining the grab and copy/paste seems to work again. pity -this worked directly from a screen shot in 3.36 without a hitch.
  9. Your server has paranoia now, here's the message: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /edfects/downloads/EdHarvey-Effects-20080826.zip on this server. Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Apache/2.2.9 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.9 OpenSSL/0.9.8b mod_auth_passthrough/2.1 mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/ Server at http://www.komplex.com.au Port 80
  10. I'd snog ya but........ ASH - use some diplomacy please? Your own rules -"Don't bite"
  11. Basically , NO. But - you can make great backgrounds, buttons, borders and even static banners cos that's what its for. :mrgreen:
  12. Sorry, I'm involved in a critical quango discussion of whether chickens have lips .... May I have 500ml of D5LR, stat?
  13. "Which Symbol" module Tried it - Feedback It only allows one to select (or type a number) for a character upto 125 Which reminds me of the old ASCII limit of 124 Related? Anyhoo - as I wanted little arrows and side facing triangles to bung over the top of screen shots of medical software - I can't use it; which a pity really. I liked the idea.
  14. What? :?: :?: :?: :?: This does not link to anything recently posted :!: and therefore makes no sense :!:
  15. Ummmmm I must be missing something; Point 6............ There aren't any levels listed and I can't read them off the image cos on my crude 19" Dell monitor, dey iz all fuzzy like, man! So that bit lost me What are those there settings ? Please?
  16. The website to download Shape 3D is down and dead "Invalid Quickkey. This error has been forwarded to MediaFire's development team." This is most sad
  17. Thanks been away - but strangely -I did exactly the same one Brill minds alike, thinking etc..............
  18. I'm looking for a change Anyone fancy have a crack at mine? Bright pls, not Mr Gloomy
  19. Here's my bash at it -and in time for valentines day yah! There are a few customised ones too, I'm not a love rat -just hedging my bets :oops: For those of you who have forgotten your woman, please feel free to use. For those women who have forgotten your men - to the stocks with you !
  20. Use Photoshop. Just to say whatever the charge is for Photoshop CS2 in the US, is the same in Pounds Sterling in Britain plus a bit for luck Why? Adobe state that providing an International language costs them more. Remind me -which language do we speak in England? The Point: If I could afford Photoshop CS2 for personal use, I'd never had used Paint.net I think that applies to most people. Amazon UK Adobe Photoshop Extended CS3 (PC) (2007) (Windows Vista, Windows Vista Enterprise / XP) Buy new: £886.99 Convert.com $1764.6619 US Dollars (USD) is equal to £887 UK Pounds (GBP) and no - they force the software to non-function if we buy in the US
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