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Hello team,

I'm working on a couple of open source projects which have some similarities with Paint.NET, in that they do C# image processing.



and I just started on a framework similar to


(but mine will be a lot more powerful, of course!)

I suspect that you're spending time researching the some of the things I am, so I'm wondering if we might have anything to learn from each other. My current technical investigations include:

Flash/Photoshop file parsers

Photoshop 8bf filter adapter

XAML support

High-performance C++ convolution core (like Intel's IPP)

HLSL versions of all heavy algorithms

Are you planning any of this? If so, it would be sad if we were doing duplicate work. Let me know!

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Got a first version of my signal processing framework up and running:


Nothing much to see yet, but the foundation is solid. I've gathered quite a lot of GPU shaders that I'll add over time, and it shouldn't be too long before I have the functionality of most Photoshop filters in there. Except for those complex Artistic ones. And the Sketch category. And the Brush Strokes. Well, some of the filters anyway!

It should be easy to use OBB from Paint.NET as a fast processing/compositing engine (or even easier, make a Filter plugin) - and that way both projects would benefit from shaders, filters, procedural texture generators that are written by either project's team or their communities.

Anyone up for it on this side?

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A follow-up on my monologue here:

I finally decided to write a little paint app, in order to test my signal processing engine OpenBlackBox. It's nothing more than a proof of concept, but I think it has a few interesting points:

* All processing is done in a network of nodes - from filters, layers, adjustment layers / effects down to the brushes.

* GPU codepath (although broken ATM)

* Multi-space color editor (HSB/HSL/HWB/RGB/XYZ/L*a*B) and gradient editor

* Multicolor brush designer

* Preparing to incorporate Maxim Shemanarev's fantastic anti-grain geometry library for excellent vector graphics performance and quality.

If anyone's interested in trying it out, I can make it available for download after the weekend (don't have access to my server right now).


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PaintLab CTP! ;) Download @


It's an early prototype, so I fully expect it to break in some situations - never mind that. But if you can't even get it to run (even though you have .NET 2.0 installed), please leave me a note!

BTW - it automatically loads an example PSD each time you open a new document, it's supposed to at this stage (quicker debugging).

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Looks interesting! I wouldn't mind seeing this become a full-fledged painting program itself. :wink:

But let's take it one step at a time. :D

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Nice to see you're interested! So, here's an update:


Main new features:

* Filters

* Adjustment/effects layers

* Blur/Sharpen/Smudge brushes

* Less crash-prone, especially when switching between documents

There's a change log on the site.

The number of rainy days the next month is the governing factor for how much makes it into the August update. So, set your weather widgets to Uddevalla... ;)

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..its not spamming i think .. here its a question to Jonas Beckeman!

..and the other post is to Rick Brewster Paint.NET Lead Developer!

first off, it's not a question; second, it has nothing to do with the program Jonas Beckeman developed (therefore, SPAM); third, speak for yourself; fourth, why are you so obcessed about it?

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