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how to make force fields??

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Okay, my German isn't very good (although I learned it three years in school), so I'll give it a try with pictures...

This is how a transparant sphere would look like:


But the force field is not a sphere, but just a shell, so it would look like:


As you can see the darker part is on the outside, not on the inside. Now for the forcefield you can do the same but with a color you like.

@BoltBait: I guess that's the most useful phrase in German :)

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You will need the alpha mask plugin.

1. Start off with a new layer (CTRL+Shift+N). Double-click the layer, and set the transparency slider to 127-ish.

2.Select the ellipse tool ( :EllipseTool: ), and in the toolbar, click :ShapeOutline: once to change it into :ShapeInterior:. This will let you draw a filled circle. Now, hold Shift, and draw a circle containing the object or character you want in the force field in white. Use the move tool (:MoveTool:) to fine tune the position of the circle.

3. Double-click the layer with the circle on it. Put the transparency slider back up at 255.

4. Select all (Ctrl+A), cut (CTRL+X). New image (CTRL+N), Paste (CTRL+V).

5. Add a new layer, then move it down. Fill it with black. Flatten (CTRL+Shift+F). Invert colors (CTRL+Shift+I). Save as "ForceFieldMask.png".

6. Go back to the picture you want to add a force field to. Fill the empty layer above the character with whatever color you want the sphere to be. Go to Effects>Alpha Mask. Load the image you saved earlier, "ForceFieldMask.png". A little explanation: The bright a pixel is on the image you loaded (called the "mask"), the more opaque it will turn the image you apply the effect to. That means the black parts will disappear on the image you filled in the color of your forcefield earlier. Ok, so now you should have a circle the color of your force field.

7.Gaussian blur as wanted. Go to Effects > Alpha mask, and reload ForceFieldMask.png. This time, tick the box that says "Mix alpha". I can't exactly explain how that works as I don't myself, but go on :o. You should now have your force field. You might want to tinker with the layer's opacity after that.

Now, I think I took you through a ton of unneeded steps, but it's not so bad.

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Have you already tried using MKT's Shape3D plugin?


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