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Feature requests: Selections enhancements

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I could'a sworn that this was on the popular feature request list....but it's not. :shock:

I haven't looked any further, but I'm pretty sure that Rick has mentioned wanting to add this. Of course, it's not a stretch that I could be wrong on that also...


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Check out the Roadmap here: http://www.getpaint.net/roadmap.html

With the changes Rick intends to make for 4.0, one of the mentioned features that would become possible is soft-selections.

My very first post on this board two years ago requested the same thing - anti-aliased rounded selections. Rick's reply was that Paint.NETs current selection system was set up so that pixels were either selected or not. Anti-aliased selections require that pixels are allowed to be partially selected, inside and outside the selection boundary, with weighted Alpha added to / removed from that pixel when a fill / delete operation was performed based upon its proximity and the angle of the curve. This meant that the selection system would have to be completely rewritten to allow it in PDN, and that wasn't something Rick was intending to do any time soon (looks like he was right :P ).

Well, what "soft-selections" sounds like to me is that the new structure Rick is looking to add would allow selections with variable Alpha impact. So, perhaps, anti-aliased selections may be on the way. Rick would have to stop by and comment to know for certain, but I'm going to keep my hopes up until I have reason to not-to. :)

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