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  1. Thanks for the replies ... guess I'll be looking forward for v4.0
  2. Great work on 3.20, but, still, there is no anti-aliasing for selections. I haven't found anything about this feature on the forum, so could someone tell me if it is planned or even considered necessary by the author?
  3. Are the following features planned? - antialiased selections - polygonal lasso - and the last one not exactly a feature, but more of an annoyance: when there is nothing selected, and I use the MOVE tool on the current layer, when I'm finished dragging there is a selection of the moved layer. Is there any chance this feature/bug could go away?
  4. oh, well, congrats anyway on the progress you've made so far, i'll be sticking around to see what the future brings. btw, the way the gradient tool works is brilliant
  5. I'm keeping my eye for a little while on, and now with 3.0's feature set it looks more promising than ever. However, I've felt the need for a few features, common in other image editing programs: - antialiased selections - polygonal lasso - text layers - live effects - an alternative to the color wheel - grouping of similar tools Small annoyances: - I'd like to be able to shrink even further the Colors window - to only see the colors. It's also annoying that it fades in and out as you move the cursor on/off it, because it alters the way the colors look - it seems odd that when you try to move a layer a selection of the size of the image appears after you release the mouse button - it would be nice if the selection would go away if you would click outside it with the move tool I'm interested if any of these features/adjustments are planned by the developers for 3.0, or a later version or at all. Thanks