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Smoothing drawn lines?

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Hey, I've only been using pdn for a week or so and have no other picture editing experience.

but anyway

Anyone have any suggestions for making drawn lines look smoother? Just an example:


I want to turn that into something like...


I hate how rough the lines are though, didnt want that look.

I tried going over it with black lines drawn in pdn but it still didnt turn out the way I wanted to.

Any suggestions? Sorry if this was in another post. :(

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Is there any way to take the thickness of the lines down after going over the drawn ones?


Lol yeah thats what I was thinking when I started the post. If you look hard you can tell that I did it in the example image, but its still rough and the lines are too bumpy. I've been toying with blurs and transparency but cant get any less manual way of doing it. :?

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aatwo said the best way to draw smooth lines/curves is to draw them at twice the size and downsize the picture to get the actual result.

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