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Newbie with a desperate question.

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Ok, I just started using this program and I really dont know how to do anything cause this is my first time doing anything with graphics

I really want to put more than one picture into on picture and put effects on to it and i really dont know how to

If anyone could help me it would be great.

Thanks so much!

Example of what Im trying to do .....


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In most graphics programs that is done by using layer masks. To accomplish this in PdN you either need to make do with transparent gradients or hunker down and get an intimate knowledge of the Alpha mask import plugin and its many uses.

For a tutorial on transparent gradients click here:


For a tutorial on the Alpha mask import plugin click here:


P.s. laughs at use of "hunker down"...:D


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Thanks everyone for all your help!

How do you round the corners of a picture or fade the edges?

Im trying to make a wallpaper and managed to get more than one picture onto the workspace and want to round the edges and then fade them.

Can anyone help??


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Too lazy to find the Feather plugin!? It's one of the stickied ones! :P


Alternately, you could use a blurred rounded rectangle as a mask. I'll describe the process further if you're interested.

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C'mon. If you have another question, just make another thread instead of reviving an older one. This thread is already against the rules because of its title.


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