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Split screen cloning?

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Hi, RE: Cloning...I need to clone an area where a person was removed leaving one person but without an arm.

Is there a way to have a split sceen - one with the person's image I'm editing and the other being a flipped image of the person so I can place my anchor point on the existing arm and get the correct angle extention while dragging on the arm? Thanks a lot! Paw

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1. Put both images together and work on it,

2. Or just select the arm (in your case) and copy it to another layer-->flip that layer-->clone or move it to the right place-->flatten image.

3. almost forgot...or get this plugin that allows you to flip selection only

http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewt ... 4692#14692

(easiest way i think)

Hope this helps



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OK, guys. I've been practicing. What am I doing wrong that the only cloing shape I can get to work with is a circle? I tried clicking on the "square" tool (there are squares at both the bottom and the top of the toolbar) before clicking on the clone stamp but only get a circle to work with. I also tried clicking "after" out of desparation when "before" didn't work - no go.)

One feature I do miss from my old system is the "right click" to select the anchor spot thus using one hand. Is there a way around having to hold down the ctrl key to mark the spot?

From the "Cloning for Dummies" class, Paw

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Mad, I had been to that location a few times and I thought the highlighted BRUSH SIZE IN TOOLBAR was about the brush size (1,2,3,4...etc) that is easily seen on the toolbar and I had no problem with. There was nothing to click on about brush shape. I also went to the tutorials and searched on CLONING but there were so many subjects to have to read through.

Even when you gave me the link that I had been to so many times, out of despartion I then clicked on BRUSH SIZE IN TOOLBAR and was surprised to find the info I had been searching for. Sorry, but for a novice, it was a had find. I wasn't being lazy and would have gladly read up on my own but couldn't locate the info. Thank you, Paw

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Pagin MadJik, Paging MadJik,

I can't get past creating the mask. I'm getting stuck at the step where you say," Duplicate the layer with image Select from the mask and delete the man."

Since you aren't using the cloing tool, what is it called that you are doing so I can read up on it and not try your patience!

I'm gonna master this somehow!

Thanx, Paw

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