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Scatter dots tool?

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Hello! This isn't a request for a tool, but a request for help in finding it, given it's something I figure someone has already put out there, but I'm just having trouble finding. I almost feel silly for asking.


What I would like to find is a tool where you are able to draw across the canvas and create a trail of seemingly random dots. It's very good for making stars or distant lights, as it better creates the illusion of randomness and chaos instead of just making a bunch of individual little dots with the basic brush (not to mention faster!). I've seen other painting programs have it or something similar, but I've been unable to find it on paint.net or in any plugins, which is surprising since it's a very simplistic feature.


To better illustrate what I'm talking about, I used such a tool in another program to make a simple smiley face (circle and lines):




Something to that effect.


If I could be told how to achieve this, or pointed toward a plugin that offers such a tool, that would be so great!

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Hi @Star3 - Welcome to the forum.  This could also be achieved by using Brushes, which can be found here.  It's a bit tricky and is quite a lot of work, initially ......... but is a great tool nevertheless.




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Perhaps Pyrochild's Splatter plugin might work in this plugin pack;    http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/7291-pyrochild-plugins-2014-2-08/



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