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Plugin development: Getting mouse position

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I'm creating a complicated plugin for Paint.Net which requires current pixel coordinate the mouse is pointing at on image as input. I have read through the Boltbait tutorial on how to create plugins, but didn't seem to be helpful. I have to admit that I'm not super experienced with writing image processing code in C# windows forms. Has anyone done anything similar or know how to do it?



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You would probably be best cloning the image to a control/container within the plugin UI. Then you could move the pointer & have that position reported back, all from within the UI.


Example: ShapeMaker

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If you display the image in your own form, then getting the pixel coordinate where the mouse is pointing is the usual mouse-event processing, followed by whatever coordinate adjustments are necessary to account for scaling and scrolling. I suspect from your question, though, that you're asking how to get the mouse position relative to the image in the main PDN form. As far as I know, there's no way to do that, though it might be nice if there were.


EDIT: Also, this question would probably be better posted to Plugin Developer's Central instead of Paint.NET Discussion & Questions.

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