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Can I see animation of my pictures?

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Hello, I have a question. I need simple function - to see animation of my few pictures. I don't need to export it to gif file or something else -- just need to see how pictures will be looking in action. Are there any plugin to help me with it? Thank you very much for help.


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Thank you, this is almsot what I'm looking for. The problem is that I don't have sprite sheet when I draw pictures (I generate it after, programmatically), so it would be handy if plugin could work not only with sheets, but with separate files. But thank you anyway, I will try this plugin, this is much better than nothing :)

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I guess you should have a look for a slideshow tool. IrfanView is able to show images in a folder or a text list.


The LookAtIt Tool in the packet mentioned by Red allows you to browse the pictures in a folder with the arrow keys or switch between folders using SHIFT-LEFT or SHIFT-RIGHT. But there is no auto mode (we may add this in the future).

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