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Portrait Landscape Printing Bug/Annoyance?

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Hi folks,


I admit that I spent only around 30 minutes on researching the web and this forum, and that I am only an occasional user of Paint.net, so I probably miss something or ask a question already asked a thousand times before, but ...


I failed to print a paint.net document in portrait orientation, the picture is always scaled to landscape.


The whole story is: I aquired a whole page from my scanner via the "aquire" menu, and the scan appears correctly on screen (upright, like the sheet is positioned in thze scanner). the canvas settings do also clearly reflect an upright/portrait orientation with the width beeing significantly smaller than the height. I checked all four settings (Image-Resize and Image-Canvas SIze), and all 4 are OK.


As soon as I try to print this page (tried 3 different printers and a pdf printer driver) the page orientation does automatically change to landscape, though all print settings are correctly set to portrait, and any other program I tried does print portrait orientation.


I guess this might have something to do with the paint.net print settings dialog: I am forced to pick a "layout" from a list of predefined layouts at the right of the dialog. Layout names are like "Full Paper Photo", "Wallet" and "Contact Sheet". there is no layout named "simply print this on a plain sheet of paper". The layout which comes closest to what I want is "Full paper photo", but the layout preview shows the sheet rotated sideways, and this is exactly how the sheet prints.


Anyone who can help me out ... how can I make paint.net just print what is on screen, or - alternatively - define custom layouts so I can add a plain upright paper sheet to the list of available layouts? And, btw, why is this quite obvious "layout" missing at all - I hardly can image that there is nobody out there who wishes to print onto a plain vanilla portrait orientated sheet of office paper.


I user paint.net 4.0.5 (final) in Windows 7 x64.





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Printer options do leave something to be desired. Fortunately there are a couple of very good plugins which should rescue you.


Print It





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