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Need oblique plugin

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Hi, I've used paint.net for years, but have never installed a plugin.  I now need an oblique type function that I can use to distort an image to put it into perspective.  I see some old oblique plugins but the links don't work.  Can anybody recommend an existing function in Paint.Net, or a plugin, to make an image oblique?  Thanks, Mike.

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Both of the above options are useful, thanks.  For some reason when I clicked on the link yesterday, and even the first time today it did not work, but the second time I clicked on it, the zip downloaded.  It must be an internal network issue.  I extracted the DLL and the "Oblique" function in the "Distort" menu works well.  Also I didn't even know about the Ctrl-Shift-Z standard function either, so it will also be very helpful.


Thanks a lot!



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