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How to let PDN remember last window position(s) and size(s)?

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When I start PDN then I always have to adjust the window size and position of the main windows (and sub-panes).

This is annoying.


Is there a way to tell PDN to automatically remember this information at exit and to use them at next startup?



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The default positions are snapped into the corners of the editing window

Tools = top left

History = Top right

Layers = bottom right

Colors = bottom left

Where are yours appearing?

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I am usnig paint.net v4.0.5 under 64bit Win 7.


@Ego Eram Winner:


Yes, the 4 default positions are as you told me. When I resize the main window the sub windows follow.

But this has nothing to do with the fact that Paint.Net does not remember size and position of main window.


Where should Paint.NET store the current pos+size?

In Registry or preference file?

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As I found out Paint.dot writes the change win pos + size into registry but does NOT read it later (at next restart).


I think this is a bug.


Possibly its because I start Paint.Net here from USB flash drive.


it seems to me that Paint.Net does not recognize succesfully that there already exist some preferences in registry.


Paint.Net should not only check if it is installed but if there are some usable preferences in registry.



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