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300 Dpi

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Hi Gang

im back again looking for clarification


I have a guy that wanted me to create/rework  something for him , so i did ,

he is asking for 300 Dpi resolution , isnt that in the printing rendering prossess ?

and not the graphics ,it self ,


Also im still having a lag in tools eraser and paint brush with it stalling on this 4.0

i switched off the accelerator as previously advised,

but it still hangs up wile erasing back ground the most ,

I have a feeling it's in the Win 8.1 but thought i would ask again



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The graphic will have to have enough pixels to supply the printer when in prints at a density of 300 'blobs' of ink per inch.

Your basic formula is this

Take the finished print width in inches and multiply by 300. This is the pixel width of the graphic. E.g. 6 inch printed size * 300 = 1800 pixels. Do the same for height.

Strongly suggest you read this http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/17049-dpi-and-you-understanding-resolution-for-print-and-web/

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If you turn the eraser size up really high, things can get a bit slow.

Also, the paintbrush/eraser in paint.net works by applying a circle of paint/erasing every percentage of the brush size along the path you take with your mouse. If your brush size is really big, this could mean you only get another circle every large number of pixels, which could be the source of the perceived lag.

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Thanks PDN,,,


 it still lags when working on large files and i reduce the size if its for online projects ,

 and that helps , also running in RamDisk also helps a lot , even tho i put in 32gb ram in this lappy ,

just for Pdn, work , it just get a little flustrating ,and have to resort to just dot by dot erasing back grounds ,

 must be this win 8.1 as i never had a issue with my xp that i had control over whats running ,


 anyway thanks guys i wouldnt trade this program for any other ,

 I didnt even load my CS on here ,

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original graphic 451 x 480


451 / 300 = 1.5 inches

480 / 300 = 1.6 inches.


See how the DPI affects the print size?


I better ask him for a original copy


Great idea. 

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