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WPF and PDN User Interfaces


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I'm curious if anyone has tried writing a PDN user interface using WPF. I've used Windows Forms quite a bit, though never to write a PDN UI, but I've never used WPF. Microsoft hasn't deprecated Windows Forms (as far as I know), but they encourage the use of WPF instead. I looked at WPF quite a while ago, and as I remember, there wasn't a graphical designer, so code had to be written in that ugly XAML format. In VS 2013, there seems to be a nice WPF grapical form designer.


Can PDN UIs be written using WPF, and if so, how does it compare to using Windows Forms?

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As far as I'm aware Winform and WPF are different toys from the same toy box. :lol:

I'm pretty sure WPF could be used. Seems a lot of work as you're going to have to recreate all the controls.

I'll send you something via PM later. An intro to the winform template. You might find it of interest in your quest.

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