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Microsoft Open Sources .NET, Does this mean Paint.NET on linux is possible?

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I don't know if porting is that straightforward (it is a removed barrier, though), but as someone that spends most of his time in a non-Windows OS, I would adore to have Paint.NET on my OS.


If a native version isn't possible, perhaps emulation (via Wine, Crossover, etc.) will be easier to achieve in the future, which would be a good middle ground between running a virtual machine and having a native version of the software.

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It's time to come out with a linux .deb version of Paint.net or something like is called Paint.deb.     Most people cannot keep Windows running for the rest of their lives.  And I just had a bad computer crashes and loss of internet connection and also risk of losing my data because of Windows.    Most older computers cannot run the new versions of Windows such as Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.    I think it's time to develop a version for linux now.  

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IMO, I think if the computer is running windows xp and cannot handle a newer operating system, it's time to replace the computer...

Electronics do, in fact, age, growing faulty over time. When you use old hardware, understand you do so at your own risk.

Also, Microsoft no longer supports older operating systems simply because, well...they're old. It is unreasonable to require Paint.net to support an OS not even supported by its creators.

You can use software like wine to run paint.net on linux systems. If you need an older version of paint.net, you can find it through a simple google search (v3.5.11 is the latest version that can be run on Windows XP). I recommend filehippo.com

Also, this thread is old and, as per the forum rules, should be allowed to rest in peace. If you wish to continue the discussion, feel free to create a new thread and link to this one. Thanks!


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