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  1. Thanks! I always did a new layer for text, but somehow I got the idea that I need to have something selected to have that's object outlines It still sucks that text does not have stroke or at least paint should have outline plugin present out of the box.
  2. I know about boltbait's and pirochild's plugins But I believe its time to have the text outling feature as part of the default text tool using the plugins with closed circle letters and longer text it can take ridiculous time to do the outline, adding innards of A, B, D, O, P, Q, R to the selection so that inner lines are outlined as well It's a feature that many young meme makers will look for when they dont feel like doing their stuff online, but I feel like its essential beyond just silly memes making 10+ clicks to get it with plugins, instead of ~2 clicks if it were default part of the text tool, that feels inefficient It's just that I am the IT guy in my circles and it's starting to bother me, how I have to babysit and install plugins for the less tech-savvy people because paint.NET lacks that feature and I am the guy who lead them to paint.NET so it's suddenly my responsibility. I even have to record gif of how to do it with the plugins, so they can remember later... new layer, magical wand, select empty space, add innards with ctrls, go to effects,... you know... maybe have a look at the linux competition? No, not gimp, I mean Pinta, its nowhere near as good as Paint.NET but they did the text outline right Thanks for reading.
  3. articles: wired arstechnica I moved to linux recently There are only maybe 3 applications I trully miss, and is one of them I love it, the ease of use and manipulation, everything so damn intuitive... So, does this news mean linux users will get Paint.NET?
  4. I always forget about it and my rage level rises by a small tiny notch every time I want to use the fixed size selection and realize that I have to enter the dimensions again. Why would anyone thought it would be good idea to have inches be a default units in there? I am not saying that that person should be severely physically and psychically punished, but if theres ever an emergency situation... last to board the life-boat, last getting the antidode and definitely the first to go investigate those strange noises outside after dark, alone.