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Color correction help?

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I've got dozens of old photos from the 70's & 80's I would *love* to sit & try fixing one day. By the time I'd scanned them all, (several years ago now), the colors had already suffered a decent amount of fade. To the point where it's really tricky restoring the right colors even with the tools available. (though I am pretty inexperienced doing this) Everything turns out too redish or too bluish or some weird unnatural looking color in between.


I installed the "Manual Color Correction" plug-in, but I found no tutorial for it. Is that the plug-in I need to do this right?


Help, anyone. Thanks! :)




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A plugin called Vibrance adjustment (formerly called Soft Saturation ) can do some magic for me in increasing the color but in a more controlled way.





Also, I rely heavily on Curves+  adjustment in lowering the magenta or the yellow under its CMYK mode. If there's too much red, I'd just lower the red under the RGB mode or increase the blue.




 I recently found the built-in Levels adjustment tool to be a very good friend in adjusting the shadows as well.

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I had to rely heavily on the Curves+ tool to lower the red and increase the blue under RGB and lower the magenta under CMYK mode to balance the colors and the Levels tool for the shadows and brightness . I then used Vibrance just to add a little more saturation. I also used the plugin called Sharpen Landscape to add an artificial sky gradient and this is what I came up with.



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On 11/7/2014 at 4:44 PM, Rickenbacker said:

Thanks, Ishi.

I downloaded Vibrance. Not really much luck with it though.


I attached an old photo as a sample. If you or someone here could advise as to how they might restore the colors back to "true-to-life", that'd be great.


Thanks again!



I suggest you begin by opening the Hue/Saturation dialog and set the Hue value to 35-40 or so. This should get some blue back into your image. Adjust from there by further tweaking the Hue value and/or by adjusting RGB levels in the Curves dialog.


Hope this helps,





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@Bruce46118 you probably didn't notice, but this thread is 7 years old 😁 and we don't (it's in the rules) reply to oldies.


I will lock the thread, as it's best to start a new one :)

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