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  1. Unfortunately, it doesn't. Uneven rocky background.
  2. There has to be a faster, more efficient way to do that. The eraser is too clunky & the magic wand doesn't always cut it. Any suggestions?
  3. *wah wahhhh!I* trombones In my defense, I was looking for something labeled "Edge Fader" Thank you!
  4. Weird- I'm seeing the dll file in the Effects folder, but not in the actual application when I open up PDN.
  5. Trying to reproduce this effect. The Fade Edge effect under the Photo effect comes close, but it only makes the bottom half faded/opaque. I need the entire image's edges to look faded/opaque like this. You can see the center of the face is solid. Suggestions? Thanks!
  6. Is there a method or plugin that can more easily allow you to erase the spaces between hairs on someone's head? Just to get a more realistic look for the end result. As of now, I have to zoom in REALLY close & try to find each & Every one.
  7. Yeahhhh, all the instructions you & the others here gave me def' helped, but I think given the photos I'm working with, best I could do is come close to that look.
  8. Here's a video of the look I'm aiming for. What I'm finding tricky is maintaining a smooth, non-pixely look in the red areas. I do think the original photos used for the video were shot in a very controlled environment & with specific lighting. Almost like a spotlight. I see little to no "shading". The photos I'm working with are likely flawed there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lT2T49yP2ew
  9. Ah thanks again! I think I've got it now. I"m just trying to figure out now if the picture I used in my example looks "natural" or Thresholded. I *suspect* the Partridge Family shot was originally taken with lighting in front of & behind her head.
  10. Ok. So,. I Thresholded it >took the Wand Tool set to global> added a red layer & it looked great. But my background was also red. How'd you get it black?
  11. Thx, red ochre I installed it, but not sure if I did that right. Where in the Effects menu is it supposed to be?
  12. Also, I'm not sure if Adam G's plugin is still good. I DL'ed it & just saw a blank file
  13. Lost me at this part. I made a duplicate layer of my subject & using *that* layer, I got the brush tool, selected a shade of gray, zoomed in & painted gray over the parts I wanted out. From there, I merged down & then got an image with all my gray marks around the subject. What'd I miss?
  14. HyRez- Thank you! I'll try that. Gotta grab the Adam G plugin 1st though. But I have a feeling it won't be so straight forward for me cause the background of my pics aren't solid like that one. Pretty busy.
  15. * Discovery- I added a 2nd layer, colored it red, went to the layer tools & did "Color Burn". Got the perfect result...except it didn't "burn" red. Made it purple. Also, I'm losing a little detail using Threshold. I can't use to at 100%. It's tough to have the head look naturally shot without it looking like I lassoed & erased around it. I guess in the future I should have a solid color background?
  16. I"m trying to recreate this "Partridge Family" look with black & red. How might I do it? My 1st thought was using Threshold & then adding the red, but maybe someone has a method that'd yield better results? Thanks!
  17. @Pixey Whoops! Should've pointed out that the image isn't my work. Just a Googled visual of what I'm aiming for. I'll check out the tutorial. Thanks!
  18. Like in a smoky, hazy bar or even distant mountains. I tried doing a new layer of white screen> blur effect> opacity. That came close but now *quite* the right look.
  19. Every time I open P.net I get an error pop up telling me an effect plugin I downloaded wasn't installed correctly. But when I check my Paint.net folder, all the dll files are right there. How do I fix this? Could I just delete the whole thing from the folder & try again from the start? Thx.
  20. Win 10/ V. 2.3.2 How easy or difficult would it be to recreate this glare?
  21. I want to take the face from this & replace it with another person. (you can probably guess with who) I already have a rough idea on what I should do, but I can see the light glare & background might be a pain. Any advice? Thank you!