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  1. Win 10/ V. 2.3.2 How easy or difficult would it be to recreate this glare?
  2. I want to take the face from this & replace it with another person. (you can probably guess with who) I already have a rough idea on what I should do, but I can see the light glare & background might be a pain. Any advice? Thank you!
  3. I'm now trying to approach this based on what HyRez wrote: "Avedon shot black and white and made the CMYK layers from a solarized duplicate negative." I made the photo b&w, converted it to a negative & solarized that. Up to the tricky part- colors. I guess I'll do one color at a time & erasing where necessary & then merge them. I'm not sure how to properly use the CMYK technique & I'm not finding any tutorials on video.
  4. I guess I'm lost only because this is my 1st time trying this. Am I simply doing one different color on each level & then merging them? Using Harrison as the example- greens for one layer, bright orange for another, whites for another & then the very darks?
  5. Ok- did that. (pretty sure I followed that to the letter)...Now what? lol
  6. I'm seeing that Artistic Contour comes Really close. Just that it's got a bit of a learning curve. Also, if I try doing different colors on different layers, it works until its time to merge them. I 1st need to decrease opacity on one of them & that kills the color's intensity. SO close!
  7. DAAAANG! This mama jamma is HARD to reproduce! Came sorta close with a few tricks but the hair is hard. Played with blending Mode in a different layer to change hair color but it didn't have that bright orange look with the subtle green & white highlights. (Like Harrison's above) I think I'd need to somehow do it the way the original artist (Richard Avedon) did it like in the attached photo. Layered one color at a time & then blended. The end result should have that Thresholdy/ Solarized look.
  8. Thanks, MJW! So, a question - The tricky part is trying to get two colors in the hair. (like George Harrison's orange & green) Any ideas?
  9. Yeah, I'm seeing the corrupt link, too. Guess I'm stuck for now unless there's another option. I saw the Posterize effect under Adjustments but it's not versatile enough with the colors.
  10. Is there an extension that can reproduce this effect?
  11. See how the text in "cream of chicken" seems to be go flying off away with a slight curvature at the base? How do I do that?
  12. The rotate/ zoom feature worked! OK- maybe someone can help with this- looking for a special font. Looks like it's zooming in at you with a "trail" behind each letter ala Superman the Movie. Any ideas on what its called or where to find it?
  13. Trying to get my text to look like it's leaning backward away from the viewer ala the famous Star Wars intro crawl. There a plugin for that? Also, unrelated- I installed the BoltBait pack on recommendation...unless I'm looking in the wrong places, I'm not seeing any noticeable difference. Thanks!