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Saving file undoes black and white conversion


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Hi, I edit pictures in paint.net and one of the most important things is that the files are converted to black and white or bitmapped. I check by zooming in to about 400% to make sure that the picture is only black and white before saving but recently an issue has arisen where saving the file undoes this and when I zoom in I can see grey pixels. It's really important for my work that the files stay black and white so I would be very grateful of any advice! Many thanks :)

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What format are you saving in?  It's important because some formats dither or change the colors to increase file compression.

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To expand on what EER said...

For example, if you're saving in JPG format the picture is 'lossy'--the saved picture is NOT exactly what you saved. Try saving in PNG format instead which is 'lossless'--the saved picture is EXACTLY what you saved.

Click to play:
Download: BoltBait's Plugin Pack | CodeLab | and how about a Computer Dominos Game

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