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What happened to the zoom window on the menu in 4.0.3?

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I am a first-time user, having just downloaded paint.net 4.0.3.  I am trying to get up to speed by watching Youtube tutorials and reading what I can, but sometimes I can't follow the tutorials because they are for older versions and appear to have features/solutions that my version doesn't have.  I will be posting multiple questions about the problems I am encountering, since my reading of the forum rules leads me to understand that asking multiple questions in a single topic is verboten.


Anyway: 1st question:


I notice that the zoom window (the one with the magnifying glass), which is shown next to the undo/redo arrows on many tutorials (such as:

) , is missing from my menu.  So when I click help, I am told that clicking on the tool item on the menu bar has something like "choose default") as the first choice in the dropdown box, but the first choice in my dropdown box is "Rectangle Select."


I know that I can use the zoom in/out tool at the l ower right hand corner of my screen, and also I can click on "View" in the menu, but is there anyway to get the zoom window on the menu, as in the above-referenced video? 


Thank you.

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Oops, the image I posted on my above question isn't the one I expected to see because it is a later shot in the Youtube video and doesn't show the menu bar. I'm hoping this link will do a  better job.  "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzQF61NPvNA"  (I put the URL in quotes so it won't link to this same image, but if you go to the URL, you can see what I mean on the menu bar).


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Hello. :)


Holding ctrl on your keyboard and then using your mouse wheel will zoom you in and out, also you will find zooming functions in the bottom right corner of paint.net 4.0.

You may have missed this reply while you were composing your own.  I think this will help.  :)


Incidentally, to link to a particular point in a video, you need to choose the "Share" tab on YouTube and check the "Start At" checkbox, then copy that url.


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Zoom controls can now be found in the Status Bar.  No, it's not possible to move these back into the Tool Bar.


Choose Defaults has been relocated from the Tools drop down menu (Tool Bar) to the :Settings: Settings >> Tools dialog ;)

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