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Transparency as a primary/secondary color shows up as black/white

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Hello. I am attempting to make a fill pattern with a transparent background.


In order to have paint.net work like the legacy pattern brushes, I am doing the following:


1) Draw my shape (i.e. a sqaure);

2) Select my shape;

3) Attempt to paintbucket the shape with a pattern, with one color being a standard color, and the other color being transparent;

4) Results = color pattern on white/black background instead of color pattern on transparent background.


If anyone could clarify why I am seeing black fill instead of transparent, I would appreciate it. I am trying to update an old image from work that was originally made with an older version of Paint.net that allowed the use of the legacy fill patterns with brushes, and this workaround should work... I am on a deadline to get this done by tonight, and I am already late, so if anyone could take pity I would really appreciate it.



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Hello Dayne,

Sorry - I'm not on Pdn4 yet - sounds worrying? - hey deadlines! :(

If using your preferred colour or black and absolute white for the pattern, there are various ways to turn the white transparent.

1. Could you select and delete the Secondary color? (magic wand global - wasn't good in 3.5.11).
2. Try the 'Grim color reaper' plugin to erase white? (good plugin & simple to understand).
3. Many other ways - respond if you get stuck!
I would create the pattern in black and white - remove the white with Grim color reaper, then recolour the black 'object' pattern with my 'Object2colour' plugin, but there are many ways. Good luck with the deadline! ;)



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