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Paint.NET 4. Problems with rendering a picture while moving\rotating\resizing it

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What you're seeing is the image rendering lag.  When you pause the tiling catches up and displays the image correctly.


What can you do?


1.  move your mouse more slowly - I'M JOKING :lol:


2. Try disabling Hardware Acceleration  ( :Settings: = Settings > User Interface ).  If this works for you - please copy the contents of the Settings > Diagnostics tab into this thread so we can see what your setup is.

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This isn't a bug. This is just how an asynchronous rendering engine works. Rendering is done tile by tile and if your computer isn't fast enough* then you won't see everything update at once. This pays off dividends with larger images because the application will be much more responsive since you won't have to wait for everything to finish rendering before seeing the results.


EER, disabling hardware acceleration won't help and will probably hinder performance and make this subjectively worse :( You should only disable it if you're seeing visual artifacts! or if, for some reason, it really is actually faster on a particular system.


* no computer is fast enough :)

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