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Picture is square and I need to round off the corners as much as possible

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Hello - new here and not a long time user of paint.net but love what I see so far.  I have a picture that is square as most are.  I need to round off the corners and just save as much of the "face" as possible......I have tried numerous options including the add new layer and then using the Select Rounded Rectangle and then draw filled shape - edit - invert selection - selected layer, delete layer and pressing delete on keyboard - that leaves my picture as just the gray and white checkerboard with a small area in the corner that I selected outlined.....I have tried using the lasso tool and cutting, etc. but picture stays square and I only want the face part of the person in the picture....not the entire square.  Any help is really appreciated...trying to do this for an event and just not working.  Thanks!


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@ lynnylc6


I believe the Radius Fill Corners plugin may be what you need.


It will provide a similar effect to Rounded Rectangle but rather than drawing said shape, as it's UI shows, it fills (or rounds off) the corners of your image to the desired radius with either the primary/secondary color or transparency.


Of course, the radius will always be limited by the dimensions of the image meaning your maximum radius will be the shortest canvas (or selection) size divided by 2.


If you want a more circular shape preserved in the center while eliminating the edges of the image you might have to play with the "Gradient" tool set to "Radial" and "Transparency Mode"


Good luck B)


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TR's EFX plugin will also do the job on a cut-out of the face.  Find it here TR's Edge Fader Extreme

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