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Recolor gray lines

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Hi Guys - new to PaintNet. I have a Hex Grid PNG file where the Hex outlines are in a shade of grey. I want to "recolor: the grey lines black. Thought the RECOLOR tool would do that but I can't seem to get it to work. Could someone please help. The Hex grid PNG is attached to this post. Thanks in advance.


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Hi Yankee1950, I don't have Recolour so I cannot say why that is not working. 

However you can try this with a very good result. When you save the file, ensure that you also save it as a .png or .jpg.

Mine saved it as a .png by default.


I duplicated the layer 3 times & set all the top 3 layer blend modes to Mulitply. Double clicking the layer will open the layer properties (as well as F4).


Then merge all the layers down or press CTRL+SHIFT+F to flatten all the layers.


Ninja'd by Welshy :D

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See Welshy! What did I tell you?! Cabbaged - great mind do think alike...or don't work properly :P


I'm sure that quite often people must wonder if we are not the same person :P


Now I will have to read the eBook again.


Thank goodness pdnnoob is here to keep us in line :D


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Yankee, please take a look at the forum rules. I've edited your thread title to comply with them.


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Here is how to use Recolor:

a) Select the Recolor tool.

B) Select your final color (here black) as primary color.

c) Control Right click a source color (here a gray line). This sets the secondary color.

d) Increase the brush width to 10

e) Choose a tolerance depending on which source color you selected (i.e. 20%)

Now if you are painting on top of the gray lines they will change their color

Disadvantage of recolor is that the result on antialiased lines may not be as expected.


Here are two other possibilities


1) Use Adjustments->Curves in Lumiosity mode. Move the control point in the left bottom corner to the right bottom.


2) Use Adjustments->Levels. Move the marke in the middle of the output slider to the bottom,


If you like to keep the numbers gray then first use magic wand with a proper tolerance to select the lines.

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