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Newbie: Convert color logo to white logo with a solid background

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I am a newbie that just downloaded Paint.net a week ago. I am trying to convert a color logo from it's original design to a white log over a solid background, like the image attached. I need the solid background separate from the logo so I can change the color. I have tried several suggestions from other posts to no avail. My little brain can't figure this out.


Can you help?


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Hi and welcome!

Without seeing the exact image, it's a bit of a guess. What happens if you try Adjustments > Black and White? Or Adjustments > Invert Colors?

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Hi Ego Eram Reputo


The attached image is the actual image. I need to convert the asp.net logo to white with a solid background. I tried Adjustments>Black and White and also Adjustments>Invert Colors but did not get the results I wanted.


For a better logo with a transparent background you can visit http : / / thedigitaldesign.com/Content/images/dotNet-logo.png

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With all due respect - that's Microsoft's logo.  It even has the TM and R to denote trademarks.  Do you have permission to use and change this logo?


(read this: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/legal/IntellectualProperty/Trademarks/Usage/Net.aspx )


If you can honestly answer yes to the last question, here's how you can alter it.


1. Open the transparent version.


2. New Layer :AddNewLayer:


3. Fill :PaintBucket: the new layer with black (left click in the layer).


4. Move layer down below the original logo layer with the down arrow :arrow-down:


4.5 Activate the logo layer by clicking on it in the Layers Window.


5. Adjustments > Black and White :BlackAndWhite: (or Ctrl + Shift + G)


6. Adjustments > Invert Colors :InvertColorsEffect:  (or Ctrl + Shift + I)


7. Adjustments > Brightness and Contrast  :BrightnessContrast: (or Ctrl + Shift + T).  Set both sliders to 38 or whatever you like.



That finishes the image.  Hide the solid black layer and save as a PNG if you want a logo on transparency.  Flatten and save if you want to keep the black background, or use the paint bucket to change the color to a different one prior to saving.

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Yeah, you definitely don't want to run afoul of Microsoft's lawyers.  Too risky if you aren't sure.


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Thank you Ego and David for the heads up. I definitely don't want any trouble with any lawyer. But I'm not doing anything that has not been done before. I have seen that Microsoft logo used in other sites in white (the way I want it) over a colored background. My problem is that I have not found that logo with a transparent background so I can use it. That's why I decided to learn how to use Paint.NET and try it out for myself.


As for the suggestion Ego gave me, that works great. Thank you very much!

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