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Replacing text in an image (Beginner, could use help on this.)

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Hi all, as the title mentioned I'm new here and before haven't really used paint.net to it's "full potential" and basically I was just wonder how if at all I would be able to go about taking the white subtext on this image (Japanese lettering) and making it transparent or removing it.
If not possible then well thanks anyways  :smile:

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Ok guys - time for me to point out that the maximum size of an image posted on the forum is 800 pixels.  I've changed both images in this thread to links to comply.


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1. Rectangle Select tool and select only the japanese letering an then cut

2. Magic Wand tool and reselect transparent area

3. Color Picker tool and click under selection area to identify primary color then swap colors and click above the selection area to identify secondary color

4. Choose Gradient and  Linear and hold Shift key then press left mouse button and drag from top to bottom

5. Deselect or Ctrl+D


That's not the best solution but this is how I did it. At higher zoom rectangle is visible.




Sorry for the misunderstanding. I assumed that you addressed to me.

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Yes exactly like that, and sorry about the image size, Ill be sure to keep them smaller :)

Well done that man! 


(Can you tell me how you did that?)

Sure. I edited each of the posts the same way. You can edit your own posts but not other peoples (it's a Mod thing - I have POWER :) )

When editing, there is a little toggle switch in the editing tool bar next to the eraser. Use that to toggle the editor between HTML and Compose mode. When you can see the post source you'll note that images are enclosed in square bracketed IMG tags whereas links are just a naked URL.  Like so:

[img=http://somecoolimage.png]  // example of a posted image

http://somecoolimage.png        // example of a link to the same image

For each of the posts I edited I removed the surrounding IMG tag to leave the URL which the forum software reproduces as a clickable link.


You can also post thumbnail images as clickable links.  See http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/12193-how-to-use-images-in-your-posts-signatures-and-avatars/


And finally - edited the thread title to more accurately describe this thread. :)

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