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Planet Tutorial(s): Lighting, Close-Up, Gas Giants.


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These were all done in Paint.Net v3.11. Let me know of any issues regarding this.

Welcome to my second tutorial, it will be out of this world! (and I will try to keep the jokes to a minimum).

These tutorials were done a few months back for a competition. They cover the general basics of creating planets and different approaches.
Originally, I intended to do a lot more with the inclusions of stars and nebulae, but never got round to it.

Firstly, if you want a very thorough 100% Paint.Net planet tutorial, I highly recommend you check out Mr.Bobert's Advancedish Planet Tutorial.

Now, back to mine. For speed and accessibility, I uploaded all the material to Google Docs with the public sharing feature set. The only issue I found with this is that the images lost quite a bit of quality.

First document, a. introduction. This is just an introduction to the tutorials.

Second document, b. Lighting. This expresses techniques of creating realistic lighting a planet. [basics]




Third document, c. Close-Up. This shows techniques of creating semi-realistic close-up planet scenes. [intermediate/Advanced]




Final document, d. Gas Giants. This is the final document I managed to complete, and shows a selected technique I sometimes use to create gas giants. This uses the techniques mentioned in the second document (b. Lighting). [intermediate]




Necessary additions:

I took the liberty of also uploading every PDN file, word document, tutorial outcomes and personal stocks for download.

Tutorial Outcomes

PDN Files

Word Documents

Stocks [All made by me]

Thank you for reading. Let me know of any issues that arise.



Edit (27/01/14): Attached PDF's to download directly from here.


Edit (26/01/14): Seems it took me nearly 2 months to notice a random spelling error. Fixed.


Edit (04/12/13): Didn't include "Stocks" folder link. I am just such a genius at times.

Edit (02/12/13): This is, in fact, my second tutorial. Not my first. Not a good start...

a. Introduction.pdf

b. Lighting.pdf

c. Close Up.pdf

d. Gas Giants.pdf

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Dryda, for some reason this is the first time I have seen this tute. The outcome looks great. 


Wow! You even uploaded the PDN files & all of the stocks! Amazing & generous!


In the Word documentation I get an error message saying that it failed to download more pages. Are there more than one page to be viewed?


Thanks so much. I am sure that once people see this amazing tute, there will be loads of space pics. :D


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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@Barbieq25: Yeah this is the first time it's happened, but they were made to be downloaded anyway. I uploaded the PDF versions (which are the hyperlinks above each image).

Alternatively, click this link to just visit a page with a list of the PDF's:



Thanks, and sorry :) 

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I have no idea why that's happening to you and I apologise. I did test it on my laptop, computer and tablet but it seems that wasn't enough.

All files have been uploaded as an attachment to the initial post now, sorry for the inconvenience and let's hope the forum doesn't decide to break on me :) 

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The ways of computers are still a bit of a mystery to me Dryda but I am glad we got his sorted at last :D Of course it may just have been an error between the chair & the keyboard on my end :P


Hope there will be some takers for this tute :D I know that there are a few folk out there who are into space scenes. This is for you!

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Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Nice tutorials with great results. I found the close up one interesting as for some reason I seem to struggle with those. I`ll be making use of these. Thanks very much Dryda. :)


( I think this tut deserves a pin)

Edited by Goonfella



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And my Alternatives to PDN

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