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save as best dpi

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hi guys i am kind of new here i dont know where to post this?


but here is my question :

i am new to paint.net I need to make good imges for computer games and dont know  100% whats dpi or ppi also the sizes?


i read about it but idk how to do it in paint.net checked youtube and nothing

usually i draw my images with pencill than scan it than use paint.net .

but when it comes to coloring and render it  it looks really bad..

what to do?


can someone guide me???


p.s wanted my images to look like them icons that looks super good!

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DPI or Dots Per Inch is a print density.   It is only applicable to the image when it is printed.


PPI or Pixels Per Inch is the resolution of your screen i.e. how many pixels are crammed into the screen.



To make your images look great ignore DPI, because you're not printing them - you're displaying them on a screen.


Choose a canvas size for your image (in pixels) 2x or 4x the actual finished size.  So if you want your finished icon to be 48x48 pixels - use a canvas that is 96x96 (2x) or 192x192 (4x).  The trick here is to do all the creation at a larger size then save it as a *.pdn (so you can edit it later if required).  Flatten the image, resize it to the finished size and save it in the format you want to produce the final article.

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