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Bottom Layer Opacity

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I'm creating a large poster.  it consists of about 20 layers.  Not doing anything fancy, just adding a new photo to each layer or some text.   I want the bottom layer (background) to be 30% opaque.  I know how to choose the layer and move the slider.  My poster looks great as a .pdn file.  However when I do a Save As .TIF, .PNG it reverts back to a solid photo of a soccer field instead of being more translucent. 


What am I doing wrong?  Does this have something to do with blending mode?


I'm on a deadline and I need help ASAP.  This is causing me a huge delay.






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You say it looks correct in Pdn but then looks wrong when viewed with another program?

Could it be that the other program is not handling .png transparency correctly? - Do you have any .png images that are known to be correct, that you could test the other program with?. Also try testing your png (saved using pdn) in other programs.

Or is actually printing incorrectly? (perhaps you could test on a small scale?)

Sorry, I'm no expert, but I know some programs do not show .png transparency correctly - and I have no idea about .tif files. Hopefully you will get more knowledgeable advice later.


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So, you have saved as .TIF and .PNG? What if you save only the translucent layer and turn all others off? Have you tried copying the translucent image to a new layer and turning the "background" layer off?


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Hello jaccia, Do not try to merge layers, this sounds like what you may be doing. This combines layer properties and effects to the same layer. Flatten the whole thing.

And yes, save a safety copy.

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