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Stencil2Eye (Color Stencil Helper)


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This is basically a tint plugin, but can be used to get a, uh, different tints of pixels in a stencil.


I used CodeLab

Suggestions on using CodeLab/C#

01. Watch the capitalization with code: Like if you put an "IF", you'll get a weird error in CodeLab about there not being a ";", but really it's just supposed to be an "if"


Anywayz, this plugin does:

01. Takes color in Primary Color of Toolbar

02. Looks at the V levels of the selection

03. Changes the Saturation of the Primary Color based on those levels.

04. Replaces all pixels with such colors.

05. Keeps transparency/alpha levels the same.


So, you basically get a tinted version. Probably could be done some other way (or with other plugins), but I had some time to kick around today anyway.



01. Use red, blue, etc...doesn't work well with black or anything around that.

02. Do a Black & White conversion first

03. Slider: Saturation Lower Limit can apply less/more tint.

04. Slider: Tint Offset applies more/less tint.


Source code is in the zip.




Here's version 2. It's completely different, but the same basic idea of making a stencil.

01. You put a color as a Primary Color in Paint.net

02. This plugin picks up each bitmap square and replaces it with that Primary Color.

03. There's also an Alpha slider so if you want to keep some alpha shading around a graphic, just set it High (255).

04. More explained below...


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01. Use red, blue, etc...doesn't work well with black or anything around that.


Ain't that the truth!  Once you select a different hue as the primary colors the plugin works it's magic.  Well done :star:

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Some screenshots would be awesome.


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Here's some screenshots of Stencil2Eye 02 as Stencil2Eye 01 was mainly just for dingbat fonts.

Probably not helpfull for a beginner, but some people might find it useful, I'd write more detail, but wtf?

Basis idea is to:

01. take an image

02. make a "stencil" of the image

03. Make a "stencil selection" using the stencil and magic wand.

04. Copy the original image using the stencil selection.

05. "Dip" the selected image in a color.

06. Change the look using the Layer Properties Mode

07. Copy "dipped" image BACK to original.

08. Paste over original so that alpha shadows can be used.



"....brings out the duty in my soul" -Spinal Tap

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