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Error 1603

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I'm installing Paint.NET again. 


I've been using it for years, but just upgraded to a new computer running Windows 8 64-bit.  Unfortunately, when I go to install it on the new system, I receive this:





What is the code and fatal error... and how do I fix it?  Download a new copy of the Paint.NET installer?  Or is x64 bit going to take away another one of my best tools?




Thanks for any and all assisstance.

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I fixed it!


I completely removed the previous copy from my system (all registry keys), made sure that the Windows Installer Service was running, then ran Paint as an administrator -- and now it works!  Hopefully this will help others.

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Here is my experience in the hope that it helps others overcome installation problems (and hopefully help Rick figure out why some machines come up with the 1603 error):  


Running my PC with Win Vista Home Premium 32-bit SP2.

Earlier today, I downloaded the new v5.11 and tried to install it with the installer, i.e. NOT through the menu Utilities -> Check for Updates.  

I noticed that, as the installer "removed previous versions", the desktop shortcut remained on the desktop (only without the PDN icon). Then, when the installer tried to install the new version, it gave me the 1603 error.

I deleted the (obviously not working) Paint.NET desktop shortcut and run the installer again. This time the installation run smoothly.  


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