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Font is mostly not working

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Hello all,


I have a problem with a font in PDN. The font work normally in Photoshop, but in PDN it doesn't.


The font is called HelveticaNeueBd.ttf. I tried to download it from 2 different websites, here is one:



Here is how it appears in PDN's font browser:



So, the V letter is working...but that's about it, few other also work, some in lower case, some in upper case, some punctuations...


When I write characters which doesn't work: with anti aliasing enabled, it will add some space (the width of the characters), and with anti aliasing disabled, it doesn't add any space, it's like I wrote nothing.


Also, if I double click the font file, it opens in that Preview window and all characters are working normally as expected since the font works normally in Photoshop.. but I don't like Photoshop.


Any idea how to solve the problem?


Thanks in advance for any help :)



Edit: well it was urgent job so I did it with Photoshop, but I'm still interested if you have a solution.

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Hello guix,

200 views and no replies simply means 200 people do not know the answer - including myself.
My first thought would be a corrupt or badly written font - but you say it works fine in Photoshop - so probably not that then?
I sometimes get odd things happening with fonts in Pdn when working on very large files or using very large font sizes.
Does the font work correctly on a standard size image (800 by 600 pix?).

Does it work correctly in other Windows programmes?

Other than that, I suggest you keep looking back at this thread - maybe someone more knowledgeable will respond.


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Ok quix, I downloaded it,installed it and it works fine for me. Before downloading it I scanned it and all looked ok there.  One thing I did notice was that it didn't come in a zip folder but was downloaded in my Downloads folder. I copied and pasted it into my Fonts folder,previewed it and then installed it and they work fine. 


Did you install it in your fonts folder?  Was it zipped for you and you didn't unzip it?  Look for it where you have it downloaded,if it has a folder with a zipper on it and no other then you need to unzip it into your fonts folder,preview and install it. If it has a little page with the letter A on it then it is already unzipped and all you have to do is move it to your fonts folder,preview and install it. 


If this doesn't work for you,delete it and try redownloading it and try again. You may not have gotten a clean download if you were doing other things at the same time. 


A couple of good places to get fonts are  http://www.1001freefonts.com  and  http://www.dafont.com


One more thing I forgot to add. If you are using Internet Explorer to download it try using a different browser like Google Chrome or Firefox. Internet Explorer is fussy about downloads of many kinds and is probably the worst browser out there.    ;)

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One week later, almost 200 views and not a single reply, this forum is useless.


You don't know the answer either. Don't be such a punk.


Next time you won't be warned, you'll just be banned.

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