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Flaming Balls (Not what you think)

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Hey ladies and gents. This is my first post. Love the program, have been messing around with it for a while now and have done a few of your tutorials. Thank you all so much. I have been having some issues with something that maybe someone can answer. 


I have been editing some photos to make it look like someone is using magics. I saw the flaming ball tuts but there are no flames coming off the ball. It is literally a ball with fire in it. Is there a way to make a "Flaming" ball? So that is looks like the person is holding an actual blame with the tails and all. Even to be holding a frozen ball or some other type of magics. 


I'll start with asking about the ball of flames.

If anyone knows how to instead make just a portion of the hand and forearm look like it is engulfed that would be cool also.


Thanks guys! hope someone out there can help and sorry if I posted this wrong, It is my first time.

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There are a number of fire text tutorials which could be adapted, so you could try searching for those.

There are also a number of fire plugins. You'll find these in the Plugin Index (link in my signature).

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The best way to get good-looking flames is to find decent-quality stock photos of flames and warp them as needed.

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