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How to: select area and transparent colour

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Hi all!


I've searched for a couple of days for an answer, so hopefully you can help me :)


A year ago I used Paint.Net for a map. I remember that I could select a freeform area by just clicking several dotted/dashed flickering points around the border so the lines were straight afterwards, when the dots were connected again. After that I could fill this area up with a transparant coulour. Now, off course, I can't seem to find how I did it.


I've attached the unfinished map with this message so you can see what I mean. Somebody knows a way to do this?


Thanks :)



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Why not just use the magic wand to select a block you want to color,pick the color in the color wheel,adjust the transparency in more,then bucket fill that block on the map layer or another layer. You can use control while selecting blocks to color the same color for multiples of the same color. I would also put the colors on another layer,multiple colors,multiple layers. That way you can adjust the transparency before merging the layers. 


 When using the magic wand you may have to adjust the tolerance for it to lock onto just what you want. If the lines do not connect and there are any gaps for it to bleed out,you may have problems though. You would have to make sure your lines are solid first. 


This is just how I would do it,not necessarily the way it should be done,lol.  ;)



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Thanks for your answer. But the problem is that the wand always selects the whole map. I tried to draw lines around one of the squares I want to colour but still didn't work to select only that block when I fill it up with the bucket...

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The magic wand and paint bucket have two distinct modes of operation. Contiguous and Global. You can find these in the tool bar once the wand or bucket is activated.

Contiguous adds pixels to the selection if they are within tolerance AND neighbors of pixels already in the selection. This means the selection will flood outwards from the starting point.

Global mode selects ALL the pixels in the layer which satisfy the tolerance, regardless of their position.

For your use you want the contiguous mode and a low tolerance. The area you want to select must be closed (i.e. surrounded by dissimilar pixels) or the selection will 'leak' out.

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