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Paint.NET corrupted and unable to remove/reinstall


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 my paint.net is no longer working on my computer. the file became corrupted and it wont let me remove it or replace it. can someone please tell me what i should do so i can access paint.net again because its really stressing me out. thank you gor your time.

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Hello laLa619.  Welcome to the forum.


First of all - relax.  You've tapped into the combined wisdom of a legion of Paint.NET users - we're bound to find a solution for you.


We've assembled a neat little list of things to try to solve your problem.  You can find the list here: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/692-install-update-or-uninstall-trouble-read-this/


Work your way through them one-by-one.  Read everything in the thread - don't skip through looking for a silver bullet.


Please let us know how you get on.


You may have noticed that I've renamed this thread.  On the forum we insist on descriptive thread titles.  It makes searching so much easier ;)

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Try the suggestion in post #2.  Be careful with that utility - it's VERY powerful.

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hello again.

i tried the suggestion in post #2. i downloaded and ran the program. a little yellow triangle popped up with an exclamation mark inside telling me that the fixit program was corrupt. i tried the other suggestions as well, and my computer keeps telling me the repair programs will not work. i tried restoring my laptop to its previous state, and that failed as well. i know that my laptop crashed a few days ago, but this is becoming very discouraging for me.  are there any more suggestions that you could possibly post for me that i have not tried yet? i would greatly appreciate it. my computer knowledge leaves a lot to be desired. and  i am willing to try anything you recommend to me. thank you so much for your time :/

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^^ Agreed.


Your problem with Paint.NET seems to stem from other issues with your laptop.  I'd get those fixed before attempting to reinstall.


You could try checking the HD.  It may be worth it prior to seeking professional advice.  Pyrochild recently wrote these "how-to" instructions:


From an elevated command prompt, first run "chkdsk /f" then "sfc /scannow"
Then run PdnRepair.exe in the Paint.NET install directory.
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