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  1. hello again. i tried the suggestion in post #2. i downloaded and ran the program. a little yellow triangle popped up with an exclamation mark inside telling me that the fixit program was corrupt. i tried the other suggestions as well, and my computer keeps telling me the repair programs will not work. i tried restoring my laptop to its previous state, and that failed as well. i know that my laptop crashed a few days ago, but this is becoming very discouraging for me. are there any more suggestions that you could possibly post for me that i have not tried yet? i would greatly appreciate it. my computer knowledge leaves a lot to be desired. and i am willing to try anything you recommend to me. thank you so much for your time
  2. ive tried the .net framework thing and every time i click on it, it says that page that im looking for cannot be found
  3. my paint.net is no longer working on my computer. the file became corrupted and it wont let me remove it or replace it. can someone please tell me what i should do so i can access paint.net again because its really stressing me out. thank you gor your time.
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